Welcome to the Fat Cat Tattoo Club!

At our place you can ... drop by for a hello, a coffee, informations about a tattoo project, take an appointment for a tattoo, buy a gift card for a birthday or an event 🎉🎂🎁🥂, draw your best cat on the magic slate, eat candies, drop off some donations for our neighbors' cats la SDA....

And of course... get a Tattoo !

  • Dotwork
  • Minimalism
  • Typography
  • Semi-realism
  • Graphic, abstract, brush, trash
  • Fine line
  • Pop, cartoon, manga
  • Floral…

From the smallest project to the biggest, from the finest to the fattest line, you'll always find someone to tattoo your project in a good mood!

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Votre shop prend des vacances ! Nous sommes fermé du 28 Décembre au 04 janvier inclus, on se retrouve en forme le 05 Janvier à 10h ! Nous sommes bien entendu toujours dispo pour parler de vos projet via Insta ou par Mail !

Profitez de cette fin d'année, et amusez-vous bien le 31 !

Heyaaa ... It's the team !

A team de chic et de choc of experienced tattoo artists to serve you!


Lettering - Realism - Dotwork

Son univers tattoo gravite autour du hip-hop, de graffiti et du lifestyle californien, c'est ce qui fait que le lettrage soit devenu une évidence pour lui, qu’il soit chicanos, gothique, blackletter, trash et tout quoi tu veux ! Perfectionniste à s’en taper la tête contre les murs, il touche depuis quelque temps au réalisme noir et gris ! Il aime aussi le dotwork avec les symboles sacrés et formes géométriques, surement son côté gémeau qui reprend le contrôle… et pour en savoir plus il faudra passer sous ses aiguilles!

Wonder Steph

Pop Culture - Abstract - Cartoon

Weeeelcome... to Wonderland! Of Franco-German origin, she grew up in Italy, so she often mixes, invents or distorts words and expressions. Her vision of tattooing is quite psycho-spiritual. She's passionate about psychology, spirituality, philosophy, ethnology, science, quantum physics... A good, inquisitive Gemini! Her style is influenced by comics of all kinds, sketches (c.f. Leonardo da Vinci), manga, strong abstract paintings and primitive "spiritual/shamanic" art.

🔥Our insta 🔥

You'll find all the news and information you need! Follow our stories, take part in polls and shop life, and contact us if you have any questions!

Fat Cat Tattoo Club

39 Rue Du Marechal Joffre, 06000 Nice (France)
Open Tuesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

To visit us :

  • 10 min walk from the Gare SNCF Nice Ville
  • 10 min walk from Tram stop T1 Massena
  • 7 min walk from Tram stop T2 Jean Médecin
  • 6 min walk from Tram stop T2 Alsace Lorraine

Car parking It's quite difficult to find a place in our street. Plan ahead for your tattoo appointment, especially during the summer months.

Nearest (paying) parking : Meyerbeer, Palais de la Méditerranée, Grimaldi, Louvre, Palais Massena and Nice Étoile

Motorbike Parking : there are several parking areas for motorbikes on the street, including one in front of the salon!

Good. I'm determined 🔥 I want my tattoo 😤

Ooook ! Let’s Go !


For all project requests and tattoo appointments, the best thing to do is to directly come to the tattoo shop, and if you absolutely can't make it, you can write to us by e-mail or Insta, specifying :

  • Your phone number
  • The theme and description of your project
  • Reference images
  • If you want to work with a particular tattoo artist
  • The area you want tattooed
  • Approximate size (in cm + height and width)

(Heeey pssst! You can copy and paste these points into your email 😌 it'll be easier)

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Tattoo care

A doubt? A question? Contact your tattoo artist directly via Insta!
And for those who have just forgotten how it all works... there's the FAQ !

Getting ready for your tattoo

A thousand questions sometimes... from a "do I have to sleep ? To stay awake ? To hunt ? To wash myself ? How should I Dress ? What if I'm bored ? You'll find all the answers in the FAQ!

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Fat Cat Friends !

We have lots of friends in Nice, colleagues, restaurants, brunches... And you'll find them all on the Fat Cat & Friends page! !

Donation box for the SDA

At Fat Cat we have neighbors who do incredible work: La SDAThey take care of cats in need and we took the initiative of creating a donation box to collect food, toys, dry food, accessories...

Fun Fact with no correlation

Cats see ultraviolet light. Unlike human retinas, cats' retinas let ultraviolet light through, and their eyes allow them to interpret UV signals. Voila.