A passion and especially values!

At Fat Cat, we love our work and we use our creativity for your tattoo projects 🔥! We also and above all want to embody values that seem essential to us, both professionally 🧐 and personally 😌

💬 Communication

It is essential because you entrust us with projects and your skin 🔥. It is therefore important to be able to simply and freely speak about all the topics that might be important to you and your projects 🤔.

🙌 Sharing

Here we share a lot of things: a moment, a coffee (what else), candies, a project, a place, discussions, ideas, tattoo projects… but we also want to collaborate with other artists, establishments and people from the Coast! So you will always find a good deal and recommendation with us! Friends and many others: tattoo artists, artists, craftsmen / women, boutiques, restaurateurs, osteopaths, masseurs, etc… because “Knowledge is the only thing that grows when shared.” said the good Sacha Boudjema!

🥸 humor

Chaplin said “ A day without laughter is a day wasted« . Et on est d’accord. Rire renforce le système immunitaire, lutte contre le stress, réduit la tension artérielle, réduit la douleur (eeh ouais ! 😎), renforce les liens et c’est bon en tout point pour le coeur 🤓😎 Donc on souhaites que tu passes un aussi bon moment que nous !

An encounter, a project, a team ☀️

C’est en 2017 qu’Omen et Wonder se rencontrent via des amis commun en commun et après avoir travaillés ensemble pendant 5 ans dans un autre salon de tatouage niçois, ils décident en 2022 d’ouvrir leur propre shop et de mettre en commun leurs valeurs dans leur salon de tatouage. Étant tout deux de grand amoureux des chats 🐈‍⬛ et étant voisin de la SDA qui s’occupe principalement de venir en aide aux chats ❤️‍🩹… l’idée de l’appeler le Fat Cat Tattoo Club fût assez évidente (avec un coup de patte des copains pour brainstormer un nom sympa 🥳 !).



That's you who said it.

4th tattoo with them! They are simply top notch. Each tattoo artist has his specialty, a big thank you to Wonder for the game of Monopoly and to Omen for our beautiful painting of Eros and Psyche!


Thank you very much for your professionalism. Very pleasant moment, warm team and a great atmosphere. Omen, great tattoo artist, puts you at ease and explains the whole process. Despite the context of covid-19, an afternoon full of emotion that brings a smile back even with masks 🤪

Eliane P.

My first tattoo with them and I am much more than satisfied. Beyond my expectations. A huge thank you to you! And on top of that, an extraordinary kindness. I really recommend them!

Jean Philippe

The perfect tattoo salon! It feels like home, WonderSteph and Omen, in addition to being very good tattoo artists, are two really great people. They listen and give very good advice. They will see me often this year! Thank you both for your welcome and especially to Wonder Steph! I love my tattoo 😍 so strong!


they are the kindest and most genuine people I have met! Their work is amazing and they truly love what they do! We were with Wonder and Omen and they were great! I love my new tattoo and if I lived in France, I would come back every chance I got!


Very happy with my tattoo, very relaxed atmosphere at the salon where you feel at home and at the same time very accompanied because very professional! Looking forward to the next project!


The best tattoo shop! Everyone there is very welcoming and understanding. They took my ideas into account very well, but also my specificities.

For people with disabilities, I have sensory concerns and they have been very understanding and accommodating. Couple that with the fact that they are very welcoming to LGBT+ people, and you are in the safest tattoo shop in Nice!


I was very well received, listened to very well and Wonder's advice was very valuable to me! I was reassured about everything from start to finish and I can't wait to come back for my next tattoos! Thank you again for the masterpiece that I proudly display 🙂

Sebastien F.

to learn more, go to the google of the Fat Cat Tattoo Club !

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